*LA Karát

(WH Justice × LA Kalahari)
2008 Stallion Grey


He is an exceptionally exotic son of WH Justice. He was born in Europe and was bought by a syndicate of 17 partners who imported him to the beautiful state of Utah.

His story begins in Switzerland, travels across Europe to Italy and then over an ocean to the United States.  Undefeated in Europe, Karát’s show career was highlighted at the prestigious Menton show in France where he received maximum scores of 20 in movement and type from all judges, winning “Most Classic Head” of the show. 

The attention Karát commanded in Europe soon found its way to the United States.  Whispers began of a brilliant grey WH Justice son in Italy who was not only exotic but also correct and balanced…and perhaps available.  Travis and Stephanie Hansen heard the whispers and were soon on their way to Italy to investigate this grey Justice son.

At a farm just outside of Bologna, Italy, the morning’s air was suddenly pierced by the single, loud call of a horse – then another call and the sounds of hooves dancing in the gravel.  Travis and Stephanie watched silently:  the big black eyes, the broad forehead and the refined muzzle, the arched poll and neck, the angle of the shoulder, the short back and long hip and croup, the straight legs and solid feet – all punctuated with exceptional tail carriage and bold trot.  In an instant, the Hansens whispered:  “We need him.”  It was an easy decision.  Karát would soon become a U.S. citizen. 

Karát echoes the strength of his world-class pedigree with horses like *Padron, *El Shaklan, Kubinec, *Salon, Shaikh Al Badi, *Ansata Ibn Halima, Plakat, and Aswan.  Yet, it is Karát’s own exotic type, his extreme style, and his correctness that capture imaginations and persuade breeders to book their mares to him.  And, it is Karát’s undeniable quality that motivated 15 astute breeders to leap at the opportunity to become part of Karát, forming the Partnership for *LA Karát. 

His offspring now call the world their home, with sons and daughters in the U.S., Europe, and in faraway places like Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and more.  In Karát is the expression of his heritage, the imagination of the Bedouins, and the promise of undeniable exotic.  Join us for the next generation.



  • 2019 ABWC Champion 9 years and older stallion.
  • 2009  Baden-Baden Champion yearling colt
  • 2009 Ittenwiller champion yearling colt
  • 2009 Ittenwiller GOLD champion junior male
  • 2009 Menton Champion yearling colt and best head of the show

Notable progeny:

  • Prince Karat R-2015 1st Elran Cup 2-year-old colts, 2015 2nd Chantilly AWC 2-year-old colts.
  • WH Kourage- 2015 2nd Bahrain National Championships 4-6-year-old stallions, 2012 2nd Scottsdale International yearling colts.
  • Dalila Alhawajer- 2015 2nd Sharjah 4-5 year old Mares.
  • Royal Kahristo- 2016 Arabian Breeders Finals Silver Champion gelding AOTH.
  • Kareem SWF- 2015 1st Bordeaux Arabian Masters 2-year-old colts, 2015 Bordeaux Silver Champion Jr. colts.
  • Jalaheb Aljazeera (by Prince Karat R)- 2018 1st Emirates Breeders Championships yearling colts.
  • Aljaleelah (x Najwa Al Jawad)- 2018 1st Kuwait National Championships yearling fillies.
  • Jolya Alhawajer (x Dalila Alhawajer)- 2018 3rd Abu Dhabi International yearling fillies. 
  • Asel Alhawajer (x Dalila Alhawajer)- 2018 3rd Abu Dhabi International 3 year old colts, 2017 3rd Fujairah 2 year old colts.
  • Mansour Alhawajer- Gold champion Arabesco international Spain junior colt
  • H D Taraf (x Jolya Al Hawajer)- 2022 1st UBAYYAH yearling filly, 2022 BRONZE champion UBAYYAH yearling filly championship
  • Gayath Liwa (x Karát's Star R)-2022 3rd Al Dhafrah yearling colt
  • Hekayat Al Jawad (x Aljaleelah)- 2021 3rd Burges yearling filly
  • Nahrwan Al Jawad (x Najwa Al Jawad)- 2022 1st Kuwait international yearling colts, 2022 GOLD champion Kuwait international yearling colt.

CA Clear and SCID clear 
Imported from Europe

Breeding Contract


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