About Us

Because of its beauty, elegance and style, the Arabian horse has captivated the imagination and love of people worldwide for centuries. The breeding, training, care and showing techniques of the Arabian horse have still been evolving through the recent decades. At the forefront of greatness, success and quality of service has been Travis Training Center—a leader in the industry located in the shadow of the snowcapped peaks of the Rocky Mountains in American Fork, Utah, and USA. The serenity and majestic beauty of the surrounding mountains and canyons provide the perfect setting for training Arabians—a horse known for its majesty and beauty.

Over 20 years ago, Travis Hansen left the baseball field of the University of Utah as captain of its winning team to start a new team on a different field—the Travis Training Center. By applying the same type of discipline and work ethic learned through athletics, he has created an Arabian horse training center which has evolved into one of the premier Arabian businesses in the world.

Having this length of experience has engendered an appreciation for the heritage of the past and a desire for innovation in this rapidly growing industry. Travis Training Center—TTC-- has consistently gained a reputation for ambition, honesty, and successful showmanship that has piqued the interest and accolades of Arabian horse enthusiasts around the world.

Travis Hansen is the owner of this Arabian training, showing, and breeding center which has set itself apart from the competition by emphasizing gentle, quality care and dedicated training of the Arabian. He followed the footsteps of his father, Wendell Hansen, who has over 50 years in the Arabian industry. Wendell himself has been involved in the breeding showing aspect of the industry. As Travis follows in his footsteps, he now oversees the breeding program for many magnificent stallions.  Their longevity in the business is a testament to their integrity, work ethic and vast knowledge of the Arabian horse. For over 20 years TTC has had a solid reputation for training world class high quality show horses. TTC has exceptional breeding stock. And TTC has a marketing and promotional approach which emphasizes the quality of the care of the horses entrusted to him, as well as showcasing a long standing track record of international recognition.

Travis is a native of the Rocky Mountains of Utah. It is there that he met and married his sweetheart Stephanie--who is a registered nurse in the Emergency Room at a local hospital. And it is in this foothill community of Alpine, Utah that they are raising two boys and two girls. As a third generation Arabian horseman, his deep family roots and love for his wife and their children helps make Travis a grounded, honest businessman who works hard to provide for his growing family. As a well-rounded member of the community, Travis spends time giving back by working with the youth as a volunteer football, baseball and basketball coach, as well as being involved with the Boy Scouts as a leader and advisor. And living in the breathtaking Rockies allows him and his family to spend time in many outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, skiing; or just enjoying a relaxing horse ride together in the beautiful mountains and canyons of Utah.

Travis Training Center has enjoyed phenomenal success regionally, nationally, and internationally. They have become recognized as an Arabian training center which cares deeply about the horses in their charge. And a dedication to high level training and showing of Arabians has resulted in the highest accolades for TTC in the competition arena. Innovation in marketing and promotion puts TTC firmly on the leading edge of the industry. TTC travels the world in search of the most desirable Arabians, and diversification into the breeding of international styles and breeds has opened markets and opportunities for TTC clientele which will keep them in a position of domination and unparalleled success in the industry.