(AJ Thee Luca × Anastasiaa)
2013 Stallion Chestnut Purebred Arabian Private Treaty


EPIIC…aptly describes this young sire of Scottsdale, Regional and National champions. Know for this beauty, style and movement, EPIIC is a Scottsdale unanimous gold champion international junior colt, a multiple Regional Champion, and a World Cup Champion. In western pleasure training with the talented Ron Copple, EPIIC combines the type and image of his Scottsdale and National champion producing site AJ Thee Luca and the famed Anastasiaa, known for her striking movement and her consistent ability to produce multiple Scottsdale, Regional and National champions. True to his pedigree, EPIIC produces outstanding necks, heads and Arabian type. We look forward to the 2022 foal crop that will include future champions following in the achievements of their older siblings. 


EPIIC, at his first show the Scottsdale International, earned the win in the yearling colt division. Then with a Unanimous decision, he was named Scottsdale International Gold JR Champion colt! 

Breeding Contract


  • 2021 Arabian breeders world cup champion stallion ATH
  • 2021 Arabian breeders world cup supreme top five SR stallion ATH
  • 2021 Region 4 champion stallion
  • 2020 Scottsdale top ten senior stallion
  • 2018 Arabian breeders finals top five (3rd) SSS 3 and over colt ATH
  • 2018 Arabian breeders finals top five (3rd) 5-7-year-old stallions
  • 2015 Scottsdale international silver champion junior colt
  • 2014 Arabian breeders world cup supreme top five junior colt
  • 2014 Arabian breeders world cup class champion yearling colt
  • 2014 Unanimous  Region 4 champion sweepstakes colt
  • 2014 Unanimous Scottsdale international Gold JR champion colt


  • EPIIC is CA and SCID clear

Notable progeny:

  • WH Explosiion (x WH Kayla by LA Karat)
    • 2020 Scottsdale champion international  yearling colt
  • Epiic Marwteyn
    • 2018 Arabian Breeders World Cup champion Futurity colt
    • 2018 Arabian breeder final top five SSS yearling colt ATH.
  • WH Epiic Force
    • 2017 Scottsdale reserve champion junior gelding
  • WH Epiic Love
    • 2017 Arabian Breeder Finals silver champion filly AOTH 
  • Epiic Butterfly T 
    • 2019 Scottsdale overall reserve champion HA Jr. filly
    • 2019 US national champion HA yearling filly
    • 2020 US national champion HA 2-year-old filly
    • 2020 Scottsdale champion HA 2-year-old filly
    • 2020 Scottsdale overall champion  HA JR filly
    • 2021 US Nationals Unanimous Champion HA Futurity JR Filly
    • 2022 US Nationals reserve champion HA 3 and over mare

Owned by We Are EPIIC


CJC Cinco D
CJC EPIIC’s Valentine
Deem Al ATA
EPIICS Fanalle
Luci's Love
Miss Memphis M
TLA Epiic Storm
WH Warrior
AJ Thee Luca Thee Desperado The Minstril Ruminaja Ali
AK Amiri A Smarr The Egyptian Prince
A Smarr
HED Carama Magnum Psyche Padrons Psyche
A Fancy Miracle
HED Cajun Queen Cajun Prince HCF
Zetyra HCF
Anastasiaa ATA Bey Starr ATA Echo Bey Bey Shah+
ZA Echos Song
KIrscha Fawor
Showgirl SP Shaklans Padron NA *El Shaklan
TF Khouros Girl Khouros